4 Reasons Why You Need a Two-Bedroom Apartment

So, you have decided that apartment living is right for you and have been hitting the pavement in search of the ideal place. You know your budget and have found a few studios and one bedroom that perhaps would suffice; however, you find yourself contemplating whether leasing a two bedroom might work. Not sure what you could do with a two bedroom apartment? Although you may not have any idea of what to do with that extra bit of space, we can help you out. Here are four reasons why you need a two bedroom apartment.


The Potential for a Roommate


Let’s face it, if you do not have a family or significant other, affording a luxury apartment can be difficult on one salary. If you have a close friend, family member or co-worker that would make a great roommate and is currently looking for a place as well, consider inquiring if (s)he might be interested in sharing the lease with you. This arrangement would allow you both the personal space you want while you both share in the amenities your complex has to offer.


Spare Guest Room


If you have no issue affording a two bedroom apartment on your salary, setting up the extra room for any guest(s) that come to visit could be an option. Not only is it a kind gesture to invite out-of-town visitors to stay with you, but chances are your guest(s) would feel more comfortable and at home in your spare room than having to stay at a local hotel. In addition, allowing them to stay with you provides more time to enjoy your company.



Office Space


Are you the type that brings work home? Or does your job require you work remotely? If so, a two bedroom apartment may be ideal for your situation. Imagine how fantastic having that extra room would be as a work area. Designating it as such prevents your work from taking over your personal space throughout the rest of the apartment and provides you the proper work atmosphere. If you do not require more than a desk area and still have plenty of space incorporate a sleeper sofa in the room to double as a couch or spare bed for guests.


Spare Storage or Closet Space


Maybe you find yourself needing a two bedroom, not for a roommate or company, but for storage. Why not? If the closet in the master bedroom lacks the space necessary for your clothing or the size of your shoe collection, think about organizing them in the spare room. With the variety of storage components available today, your second bedroom could become your dream walk-in closet.

Of course, there are additional possibilities for using the second room in your two bedroom apartment. You can use the space as a craft/hobby area, a Zen-den with your yoga mat, or game/tv room. With a multitude of options, why not take advantage of the space a two bedroom offers over a studio or one bedroom apartment.