4 Things that Make Studio Apartments an Ideal Home

Studio apartments can be an ideal home for the right person living a particular kind of lifestyle. These living spaces are sometimes called efficiency apartments and feature everything you need to live comfortably in a central area. Many luxury apartments provide these spaces for those who may be looking for a simpler way of living. Studio floor plans allow you to personalize your space, get creative and declutter your life. There are many benefits to be had from living in a studio space. Here are some factors that make these living spaces an ideal home. 


Studio Luxury Apartments are Affordable 

Who doesn’t love an affordable space? Studio spaces are a budget-friendly option, in part, because of the limited square footage, typically from 500-600 square feet. They are more affordable than a one-bedroom apartment, which is usually larger. According to Rent Cafe, studio apartments rented in the U.S. cost on average roughly $1,200 per month; however, the actual costs vary tremendously at ground-level and are determined by the location. The average monthly rent for a studio apartment in San Diego is $1,413 and a one-bedroom averages $1,564 based on SmartAsset’s findings (May 2019). Individuals who have budget concerns or are looking to save money may find that these units could satisfy their financial requirements while giving them the ideal space that they need. 


Eco-Friendly Studios

When it comes to studios, especially luxury apartments, green living is a nice benefit to enjoy. Such a space uses less energy, which means that if you are particularly an environmentally conscious person, you’ll appreciate that you create less carbon footprint no matter the heat source. There is less electricity consumption, especially as it relates to heating and cooling these small apartments. Using fewer electronic items and lights, as well as having less and smaller appliances creates the potential to minimize the amount of energy that is used in studio apartments. The outcome depends on the level of use, the energy efficiency of appliances and lights along with diligence in switching them off when not in use. It’s also eco-friendly because these small living spaces consume less water and may even allow for more efficient use depending on the design.


Saves Money

With studio apartments, you can get more bang for your buck. You can enjoy luxury living without breaking the bank. While rent can be affordable, you can save money in a number of other ways simply by living in a space that is more compact and dictates a minimalistic approach to living. As mentioned above, you will save money on heating and cooling because there is less space. Some studio spaces may come with all the utilities included in the rent, essentially condensing your living expenses. Furthermore, consider that a studio floorplan is pretty simple in design, which makes maintenance of the space easy. You’ll save money on cleaning products and services, as well as furniture. All in all, your bills will be noticeably reduced living in a studio.


Great for City Dwellers

Studio luxury apartments are sought out by many city dwellers, especially young professionals. Studio spaces tend to be located in the city and give city dwelling individuals the chance to live in an urban setting in style and comfort. City dwellers often live a fast-paced lifestyle, and with studio apartments commonly located in areas with commercial centers and public transportation options like buses and trains, the convenience afforded by these types of apartments is advantageous. Access, connectivity, and location are usually attainable with studio luxury apartments in a city. 


Luxury apartments with a studio floor plan can make the ideal home for individuals who want a minimalist living space. Studio apartments are appealing and worthwhile because they are money savers, affordable, eco-friendly and great for city dwellers. The square footage of a studio apartment may be limited, but at a great price, you can get a space that is stylish and inviting and will allow you to streamline your life in a way that can foster a good quality of life.