7 Reasons to Rent a Penthouse Apartment in San Diego

A penthouse apartment is what many consider to be the epitome of luxury living. It’s an upgraded experience, with stellar views and amenities to match that tell anyone who visits that this is what apartment living is at its finest.

If you’re considering a San Diego penthouse for your next move, see why it could be the best option for you with these reasons to rent a penthouse in the city.


1. You’ll Have More Inside Space

A penthouse is typically the largest apartment available in an apartment complex. Some are even close to double the size, even if you’re only seeking a one-bedroom. That means you’ll have plenty of room to make a space your own. The only downside here is that you may become the de facto host for any gatherings with friends in the future.

Even with penthouse apartments, though, you’ll need to decide on which apartment size is right for you. You’ll likely have the option of choosing one, two, even three bedrooms when seeking penthouse apartments for rent. A bonus of larger penthouse apartments is that you’ll often have added space on the outside, too.


2. You’ll Have More Outside Space

Many standard apartments have that extra space you need if you find a place with enough bedrooms. So what separates a penthouse from a standard apartment if it isn’t always the space inside? A penthouse will have additional space both inside and outside of the apartment.

Many downtown penthouse apartments have attached balconies or terraces with impressive square footage for you to take in the views all around. Grow a garden, add outside seating, or just enjoy the views with the additional outside space you’ll have in a penthouse apartment.

Penthouse apartment with lots of outdoor space


3. There’s Added Privacy

Depending on the apartment building you’re interested in, your penthouse apartment may have a private entrance, even a private elevator, to get you and guests inside. It’s an added layer of privacy that is considered a big perk of penthouse apartment living; on top of that exclusivity, you’ll feel when you arrive home each day.

Private entrances also mean you’re less likely to have to worry about noise from your neighbors, even in a large luxury apartment complex in San Diego.


4. The Views Are Impressive

A classic penthouse will be located at the top of an apartment building. That means the views in that building won’t get any better than in a penthouse. If you’re lucky, you’ll move into an apartment with direct sunlight and west-facing windows. Come sunset, you’ll be in for a treat on top of the skyline views you get at other points throughout the day.

Those panoramic views are only made more impressive by the floor-to-ceiling windows, often fixture of penthouse apartments. Large windows give the added benefit of making a space seem even more enormous, although you’re already likely in one of the largest apartments in your building.

penthouse apartment with indoor/outdoor space


5. The Space Is Luxury at Its Finest

Penthouse apartments are certainly more expensive than the other options in an apartment building, especially if you’re looking at downtown penthouses in large cities. Still, once you’re inside, you see why.

High ceilings, luxe finishes, impressive flooring and high-end appliances are all perks to expect inside your penthouse apartment. You may have a fireplace to yourself in the main living area or even in the master bedroom. This is luxe living, and penthouse apartments typically leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating a space that feels luxurious and exactly what you’d expect from a penthouse.

Interior of a penthouse apartment


6. You’ll Have Additional Amenities

If you’re moving into one of the best luxury apartments downtown San Diego has to offer, you’ll likely have access to many community amenities that are impressive all on their own.

Many penthouse apartments come with access to additional amenities other residents in your building may not have available to them. That can mean special concierge services that cater to those guests on the enviable top floor, jacuzzis, even private swimming pools. It’s all part of what makes living in a penthouse apartment that much more exclusive.

Pool at Ariel apartments in San Diego


7. It’s a Lifestyle

There’s nothing quite like life in a penthouse. Things just feel more luxurious, as if every day is a day that you’re treating yourself to something special. There’s also something indescribable about arriving at a place few others have access to.

Rooftop firepits at Ariel apartments

If you like the sound of penthouse living, consider the best luxury apartments San Diego has to offer. The Ariel Apartments in San Diego’s vibrant Little Italy neighborhood have several different penthouse floor plans for you to consider in your luxury apartment search. Contact us today for a tour of not only our penthouse apartments but an impressive variety of luxury apartments, as well.