Apartment Essentials You’ll Need at Your New Place

Once you’ve found that perfect downtown San Diego apartment, it’s time to fill your new place with the things you’ll need to make for a smooth transition.

Your shopping list is likely dependent on budget, though, so it’s important to prioritize those needs compared to your wants to make your new place feel like home. Check out these ideas for things you’ll actually need come move-in day.


Apartment Essentials, Room by Room

While there are likely quite a few apartment wish list items that you can do without for a while. There are just some household items that you need for comfort, efficiency, and ease around your new home.

For a list of what you should have, don’t miss the handy apartment essentials checklist at the end!

Ariel apartment layout

Kitchen Essentials

Unless you’re planning on taking advantage of nightly takeout options while in your new downtown San Diego apartment, you’ll need to make sure you’re bringing along the kitchen essentials.

A basic set of dishes, utensils, and glassware don’t have to break the bank. Sets and separates come at a variety of prices. If you’re a fan of coffee or tea, a few mugs will go a long way, too. Add to that a basic set of knives – treat yourself to a good chef’s knife if you’re able, as those can last a lifetime – and you’re pretty much set come meal times.

Kitchen essentials

You likely already have access to a microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator as part of your luxury apartment amenities, but you’ll need to add just a few more small kitchen appliances, like a coffee maker and toaster, to your list of kitchen essentials.

As far as cooking essentials, it really depends on your level of need and your own cooking abilities. At the very least, you’ll want a few pots and pans and basic cooking utensils for your meals.


Bedroom Essentials

The average person spends about 33 years in bed, either trying to sleep or actually sleeping. That makes a new apartment’s bedroom essentials one of those areas where it may make sense to splurge a bit if you’re able.

If you can, wait for mattress sales around the holidays to find a mattress that’s comfortable and will last, and read through mattress buying guides before that big purchase. Once you have that staple, invest in at least one set of sheets to start, complete with a comforter or duvet – you’ll need a duvet cover for that one – and one to two pillows and pillowcases.

What you do from there will be up to you, but consider making your bedroom your sanctuary, with lighting and any decorative items that suit your mood.


Bathroom Essentials

To start things off, you’ll want to pick up a few apartment essentials to allow you to shower at your new place. That includes at least two bath towels, a hand towel or two, and a shower curtain and liner.


Cleaning Essentials

Depending on your apartment layout and whether you have hardwood floors or carpeted areas, you’ll need to bring along apartment essentials that will keep your place in tiptop condition.

At the very least you’ll need a decent vacuum for carpeting and broom and dustpan combo for floors. How fancy you get with either will depend on your budget. From there, add cleaning tools based on your preferences and needs.


Items for New Apartment Living with Limited Space

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you’re considering how to maximize space in a small apartment, there are some apartment essentials you can pick up to make that space look – and feel – larger.


Storage Solutions

Closet organizers in your bedroom and linen closets, space savers in available cubbies, and kitchen shelf dividers are all ways to make an efficient use of space in your new apartment.

Consider where you can make use of inefficient or unused space, like under beds, and work with what you have.

Apartment storage solution

Furniture Options

You don’t want to dwarf a small apartment with giant furniture. Add functional pieces that will make your rooms feel larger. Browse design ideas for small apartment living to boast a cohesive look in that new place.

Think of staples that will allow you to enjoy your new place while saving space: a table and chairs to have a home-cooked meal, coffee table and couch in your living area, and bedroom essentials that make that room feel comfortable. If entertainment is important to you, a decent television and television stand may be on your list of essentials. You know yourself best!

Try to keep decorative items to a minimum in those starting stages, as you want to make sure you have room in the budget for all of the apartment necessities first.

Friends hanging out in a decorated apartment

A Checklist of Apartment Essentials

For an easy-to-read list of household items needed for a new apartment, check out the checklist below. These apartment essentials are divided up by category, so that your shopping list is ready to go when you are:

Kitchen essentials

Bathroom essentials checklist

Bathroom essentials

Cleaning essentials


All that’s left to do is the shopping part before starting your new life at the Ariel Luxury Apartments.