How to Find The Best Pet-Friendly Apartments in San Diego

Finding the right apartment for yourself or your family can be a daunting task. Add a furry friend to that equation, and the apartment hunt becomes overwhelming and discouraging. While on your search for pet-friendly apartments in San Diego, you may wonder what the issue is as your pet is never any trouble.

Understandably, many community managers and board members of luxury apartments in San Diego have their reasons for denying pets to take up residence on their property.  It’s possible they are worried about how to deal with residents who might complain about pets. Alternatively, maybe a previous resident was irresponsible with his or her pet, leaving behind destruction and thus, ruined the chances for any future pet owners. But, there is still hope. 

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect pet-friendly apartment in San Diego!

Reach Out to Others

Do you take your pet to the local vet? Have you visited a nearby animal shelter? Connecting with staff at these facilities about neighboring pet-friendly apartments may prove to be the answer to finding the ideal community in San Diego. In addition, reach out to the San Diego Humane Society or animal control in the vicinity in which you are seeking an apartment. Asking friends, family or others who have pets may provide you with some valuable leads as well. 


Use Your Existing Resources

If the above connections didn’t help, you might be able to find a San Diego apartment guide book at the supermarket. Grab a newspaper too while you are at it, as it may have listings for pet-friendly apartments in San Diego. Taking your search to online realty or apartment listing websites may also prove to be helpful. 

Provide References

Just as references offer an advantage when seeking employment by making you stand out to a prospective employer, gathering up a few recommendations from your current or previous property manager and veterinarian may be beneficial when looking for pet-friendly apartments in San Diego. Statements demonstrating you are a responsible pet owner who is diligent with your pet’s training, care and medical needs could be of benefit to finding the perfect San Diego home for you and your furry friend. 


Meet Prospective Community Managers

Another step you may find helpful in your pursuit of locating ideal pet-friendly apartments is to encourage your potential community manager(s) or board members to meet you and your pet. This meeting could be an opportunity to show your furry friend is well-groomed and well-behaved, and in turn, alleviate any concerns the manager(s) or board members may have. 


Ask Questions

Be knowledgeable. Once you locate a pet-friendly apartment, do not assume it is “the one” right away, be sure to ask questions first. Are there pet fees? Additional security deposit required? Are there any weight or size restrictions? What are the noise ordinances? Is there a pet-friendly outdoor area onsite? If the answers are what you were hoping for, then you can begin celebrating. 

When it comes to finding pet-friendly apartments in San Diego, there is no doubt it can be more complicated than attaining an apartment for yourself or family. The key to your journey is, do not become discouraged. Some San Diego communities welcome pets with open arms, and it only takes a bit of time and persistence before you, and your furry friend find the perfect place to call home.