How to Throw an Apartment Warming Party

Congratulations on your new apartment! Whether this is your first apartment, or you’ve moved several times, your new apartment is sure to be a fresh start. Over the next few days (or weeks), you will add your own touches and make your apartment your home. Then, it is time to throw an apartment warming party to introduce your friends and family to your new place.

The following apartment warming party tips will help you throw a housewarming party that people will talk about for years to come. Read on to learn how to throw an apartment warming party for the ages.


Open Up The Space

Most apartments in San Diego, and other cities, are on the smaller side. You do not have the outdoor space you have with a single-family home. Therefore, you must make the most of your space, so people are not on top of one another. Just remember, an apartment warming party will work in every size apartment.

Whether your apartment has an open floor plan, or not, you can make your apartment open, at least for a night. Move unnecessary furniture out of the way or off to the side. Make use of your outdoor patio. Find any way to open your space to allow people to move freely and enjoy the evening.

Apartment warming party


Find a Bit of Storage Space for Coats and Bags

When you are learning how to throw a party in an apartment, remember your guests must be comfortable as well. When people are milling about, they do not need to carry a coat or a large bag. These items will make it more difficult for guests to mix and mingle.

Find a spot in your apartment to put guest items. Maybe you have a closet that will work. Many people chose to keep their bedroom off-limits, which makes for a perfect coat and purse room. Although space may be limited, you can make use of every corner of your home to make it as comfortable for guests as possible.


Think of Your Space When Choosing Your Menu

If your housewarming party has less than ten people, you may be able to plan a sit-down meal. However, if you will likely have more than ten people in attendance, plan your menu accordingly. Choose finger foods and appetizers that are easy to carry while eating and drinking. And for an extra special touch that your guests are sure to love, whip up a San Diego inspired signature cocktail.

Make sure your food is ready before your party starts. In a small pace, you do not want the oven on. It can cause your apartment to become uncomfortable as more people pack into the space. Then, as you are setting up your platters, space them out throughout the apartment and outside. You do not want guests congregating in one spot and waiting in line to grab something to eat.


San Diego inspired cocktails


Keep the Volume Down

Apartments are close together. So, when hosting an apartment warming party, you must be mindful of your neighbors. Do not crank up the music to nightclub levels. Use your music to set the mood but keep it low so people can hear themselves talk, and the neighbors are not covering their ears.

Planout your guest list beforehand so you have an idea about the number of guests you’ll be hosting. Don’t invite so many people that it becomes an acoustic nightmare. Voices carry in most spaces. However, in small areas, they can become overwhelming.

The critical point to remember is you do not want to anger your neighbors as soon as you move in. Therefore, be mindful and keep all noises to a minimum. In addition, make sure the party is over at a reasonable hour to allow neighbors the opportunity to sleep.


Use the Clubhouse If Possible

An excellent alternative to hosting your party in your apartment (especially if you have lots of friends and family), is to throw your bash in one of the building’s sleek and stylish common spaces or at the pool. Ask your property manager the process to host a party in the clubhouse. You may need to plan the party for a bit of a future date. However, you will have more space and many come with access to BBQ grills, fridges and kitchens.

More space equates to more freedom. You may enjoy some louder music, invite more people, and even offer butler served hors d’oeuvres. Your guests will be much more comfortable and able to roam about freely. You may also opt to take groups of guests to your apartment to show off your new home.

Ariel's pool and clubhouse


Take a Tour of Downtown San Diego

No housewarming party in San Diego is complete without heading out in to downtown. End the night by exploring entertainment in nearby neighborhoods like Little Italy and the Gaslamp District. Show off your town, and the reason you chose your new apartment home.

Your guests will love a party that ends with a night out on the town. Enjoy craft beers in Little Italy or take in the beauty of the Gaslamp Quarter. Send your guests home with memories that will last a lifetime.


Downtown San Diego

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