Interior Design Trends That Are Perfect For a San Diego Apartment

Incorporating interior design trends is easy enough when you have an aesthetic in mind. It can be even more fun if you keep your location in mind as you finalize your design plans for your San Diego apartment. Let’s look at five interior design trends that will lead the way for apartment styling in 2021.


Light & Airy

Simple ways to invite more light into a space are in, and heavy window coverings are out. Light and airy vibes are where it’s at, particularly in luxury apartment interior design. As a city with abundant sunshine, San Diego is the perfect place to let in some natural light into an apartment.

With more natural light in your space, incorporating living plants will also keep you on the eco-style trend and allow you to bring some of the outside that you’ve been craving into your apartment. Hanging plants are a good space saver, whereas potted floor plants can serve as an interesting focal point in a room. Both natural light and keeping plants are good for you, too, improving the air quality of living spaces.

In terms of artificial light, the focus on soft light to allow for a calming space will continue. With more people continuing to work remotely and having to show up on Zoom calls, good lighting will remain a good investment for apartment spaces that double as offices.

Light and airy decor ideas

Flexible Living Spaces

After a year of indoor living, people have had to get creative with their spaces, sharing traditional dining rooms with needs for an office or finding nooks around their apartments for entertaining areas and kids’ play areas.

People will continue finding unique ways to work within their apartment layout. Were you really using that dining room as a dining room, for example, or would a room for your art hobby be more your speed? Interior design trends will move toward what feels personalized, rather than the more sterile, modern looks of years past.


Neutrals With Pops of Color

Loud, brash colors don’t contribute to peaceful spaces, and with more time spent at home, neutral color palettes will stay in as a way to keep things simple and balanced. Keep walls in the white and neutral family to give an overall soothing vibe in your apartment.

That doesn’t mean color doesn’t have a place in your apartment interior design. A neutral base pallet will allow you to play with color in different ways. Pops of color can brighten up an otherwise neutral space. Choose warm colors like oranges or bright purples, blues, and greens in accessories like throw pillows or bedding. Or hang a colorful piece of art on the wall that will draw the idea. Bright accents will still keep a neutral room generally soothing, as long as they’re not dominating the space, perhaps even adding a smile to your face as you enter a room.

Living room with pops of color

Simple, Comfortable Furniture

With more time spent at home, apartment design ideas and furniture choices changed from harsh, modern lines to comfortable pieces that made that time at home easier to handle. Consider accessorizing with elements that promote relaxation, like large, soft blankets in patterns that play off your color scheme or textures in your pillows and ottomans that are soft to the touch.

If you’ve been thinking about what to do with an antique piece of furniture, design trends suggest you should hold onto it this season. Going granny chic is not only eco-friendly, as you’re likely repurposing old furniture, but very much on-trend. Think eclectic pieces that give personality to a space and a more lived-in feel to a new apartment.

Furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as coffee tables that double as storage in a small San Diego apartment, will also remain on-trend, particularly when space is a concern. Less clutter will always be in fashion, as well, with many finding that they simply don’t need as much stuff around as they thought they did.

Comfortable couch

Meaningful Design Touches

Over the last year, many consumers have made an effort to buy local and support small businesses. That trend has spread into interior design, as well, with apartment dwellers looking to spend their money on more meaningful pieces that add character to a space.

Purchase things that make an apartment more inviting or bring up fond memories. Display pieces that are important to you, or make a piece of art that you love the focal point of a room.

One of the most exciting interior design trends is allowing a space to feel like you, no matter which aesthetic is hot at the moment. Your apartment is your home, a place you should feel comfortable in and personalize as you see it.

Credenza with an assortment of personal items

If you’re feeling inspired to try some of these interior design trends on a place of your own or want a fresh start in your personalized apartment, contact us at Ariel Apartments for a tour of our luxury apartments.