Create a Luxury Apartment: Tips to Maximize the Living Space in Your Little Italy Apartment

If you live in Little Italy, renting an apartment is a great way to be in the heart of the hustle and bustle. There are plenty of benefits to apartment life like no complicated mortgages, no maintenance or repair costs, and plenty of complexes offer great amenities like swimming pools and on-site gyms. However, you have to be willing to sacrifice some square footage. Maximizing living space can be a challenge for many renters, but these tips will help you reclaim your space and make your new Little Italy apartment feel luxurious. 


Opt for Multifunctional Furniture 



Before you bring any new furniture into your space, make sure you consider the functionality of the piece. When you’re working with limited floor space, every inch counts, even in luxury apartments. Your furniture needs to serve many purposes while still matching your individual lifestyle. Multifunctional furniture like daybeds and tables with foldable leaves help you can save on day-to-day space, but you’re not limited when guests come to visit. 


Hang Bulky Items Up High

For Little Italy residents, bikes are often a transportation must-have that presents a real storage problem. Floor space is precious and a bike takes up plenty, so you might consider hanging bigger items from the wall or ceiling. You can even think of it as an additional piece of decoration that shows off your unique personality. This tip applies to furniture as well. Floating shelves make for creative and interesting home offices without the need for a huge floor desk. Of course, just make sure to ask your landlord before you go drilling holes in the drywall. 


Consider Foldable Pieces

Foldable furniture will quickly become your new best friend when you find yourself in a smaller living space. Collapsible chairs and end tables that can be neatly tucked away in a closet when not in use give you some extra seating and surface space when you need it. This includes beds, too! Plenty of Murphy beds are freestanding and fold up inside cabinets, giving Little Italy studio apartments an all-in-one furniture and storage solution that’s modern and unique. 


Stop Seeing Doubles 

Taking inventory of your items before you move can help you clear out the clutter prior to moving into your new apartment. This can mean downsizing on things you no longer use or it can mean consolidating your items and picking out the most useful pieces to bring along. Do you have two end tables, but maybe one of them has a storage basket underneath? What about the desk and the coffee table? Which one will be able to work with your room more? Find ways to minimize the number of pieces you have without sacrificing purpose and functionality. 


The Ideal Apartment Should Feel like a Luxury Apartment

Ultimately, your apartment should meet the needs of your personality and lifestyle while making you feel like you are living in a luxury apartment. If you’re looking to maximize your living space and find an apartment in beautiful Little Italy, contact one of our friendly staff at Ariel Apartments today.