New Renter? Here’s an Inspection Checklist Before Moving In

Moving into a new place can be a huge and possibly daunting step. Before you commit to moving in, it is essential to inspect your potential home to see whether everything is in order. Having an inspection list ready would alleviate some of the stress and help you figure out the logistics of your move. After all, whether you are moving into Ariel’s luxury apartments in Little Italy or any other apartment, it is best to make sure that everything is in working order beforehand so that you know what to expect.

Check the for Safety

When moving into a new apartment, it is imperative that you have a safety checklist to ensure the living space is up to code, safe, and comfortable. 

  • Ceilings should not have any cracks or fungi in them, so jot these down if you notice such irregularities.
  • Smoke detectors can be obnoxious, but they need to be in working condition in case any sort of fire is started. So make sure that they operate well.
  • Walls, whether they be of a bedroom or a shower, should look clean. Take note of any areas that may seem rotted. It is possible for such hazards as asbestos to be present, and you would not want anything to damage your health.
  • Windows should be open-able, as it is a safety hazard if they are not. Check for any fungi, make sure that no glass is broken and missing, and make sure that you can actually lock the windows.



Check the Rooms

It is also important to check each room for specific things. If anything is missing or damaged, it is important to take note.

  • Doors (bedroom, bathroom, front, sliding glass) also need to be checked. See if they open and close properly, and test out their respective locks. It would be a hassle getting locked in or out of a room, or to have the locks not work when you want them to be locked.
  • Floors may be carpeted, tile, or wooden. For the carpeted floors, which may be in bedrooms and living rooms, examine for any stains and tears. For tile floors, which may be in bathrooms and kitchens, check whether any tiles are missing or popping out. You would not want to step into a hole and twist your ankle. For wooden floors, check for any scrapes and scuff marks.

Check the Utilities

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to check when renting a new apartment is the utilities. These are vital to a comfortable and safe living environment. They can also be costly to repair, although that would be the landlord’s responsibility, it is important to check before moving in.

  • HVAC units can enhance the indoor environment depending on whether it is hot or cold outside. So inspect whether the temperature changes correctly.
  • Bathrooms have sink faucets, showers, and toilets. Activate them to see if they work properly. For the sink and the shower, you will want to make sure that the water temperature changes according to the handle labels. For the toilet, you would want to make sure that the water gets flushed properly, and that there is no overflowing. In general, you would also want to make sure that the water does not look suspiciously less than clear. It would not be comfortable having an extra substance in the mix.
  • Kitchens also have sinks, so check the faucet there as well. Open the fridge and see if you can spot any fungi or expired food that may have been left behind. The cooling system and the light should also be functional. For stoves, ovens, and microwaves, make sure that there is proper heating.
  • Light switches need to be functional as well, so inspect all the switches you can find. Loose wires should definitely be noted. And if the switches are safe to turn on and off, try them and see if they light up the room.
  • Pools should be clean and in working order.

Renter’s Insurance

If you are worried about damages on your property taking place while you are renting, then renter’s insurance is definitely worth considering. It would even cover your personal belongings in the event they may be broken or stolen. Policy prices can range from as low as $10-$25 per month, so that might work well with most financial situations. Prepare to move into a new place and keep in mind what you need to inspect, as well as the options that are available to you to make you feel very comfortable in this new chapter of your life.