7 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Move in San Diego

Autumn brings fall foliage, pumpkin patches, and cozy sweaters. It also signals the end of the peak moving season in San Diego. Which makes it a great time to consider making a move. Here are some reasons why fall is the best time to move in San Diego. Get ready to take advantage of the perks that this season offers. Learn the top seven reasons to move during fall in San Diego in our infographic below!


why fall is the best time to move in San Diego


Summer in San Diego is a busy time

Living downtown is fantastic. It’s arguably your best bet for entertainment, dining, and overall excellent quality of life, particularly in the Gaslamp Quarter and the Little Italy neighborhood. But keep in mind that everybody wants to move during the summer, and downtown San Diego apartments are no exception. This can lead to some obstacles.

You’ll need to be more flexible with your time when moving in the summer months. Moves need to be spaced out at complexes looking to get everyone in safely and efficiently. You’ll need to consider moving elevator reservations, finding parking for yourself and moving trucks in the peak tourist season, and hot temperatures to boot.

Moving in the fall will allow you to have a more seamless move, especially if you’re looking at apartments in downtown San Diego.

Downtown San Diego


You may be able to find better move-in deals

It’s not unheard of to see apartments listed at one price in the summer, and a different, lower price in the fall and winter months. Lower competition for housing in the fall months means more competitive pricing for those looking for rentals. That’s good news for you! Some complexes and property management companies will even offer move-in specials to entice renters in the slower seasons.

It can also mean additional perks when it comes to leasing agreements. If you’re in a situation that requires more flexibility, like a month-to-month lease, that might be hard to find in the summer months, when more renters are looking for places to live in San Diego. As the demand for rentals isn’t as high in the fall, you may find that people are more willing to work with you and your unique situation. That flexibility extends to movers, too.


Movers are more flexible and easier to book…at a discount!

Moving companies aren’t as busy in the fall months as they are in the summer. We recommend that you spend some time shopping around, reading reviews on the best mover for your purposes, and even hunting down moving deals before you book a company.

It’s also more likely that you’ll be able to find movers that will work with you as far as the day of the week you’d like to move, and any preferred times that you have. It can be hard in the summer months to find movers that will fit you in with your schedule in mind. So, you may be stuck having to move on their schedule.

Movers packing up a truck

When movers are overbooked, as can happen in the summer months, it can lead to frustration. Appointments can run over, which can end up making you wait longer than expected or even having to reschedule. That can complicate things further if you’ve made specific arrangements at your new downtown apartment for a set move-in time.


The weather’s even nicer in the fall

Fall in San Diego is lovely. There are all kinds of outdoor activities and festivals and events for you to enjoy. It’s still lovely and warm in the fall, too – the city is called America’s finest for a reason – but temperatures come down a bit, making moving in the fall a much more pleasant experience for both you and the movers.

The city doesn’t get much rain, so you’ll likely have sunny skies no matter if you’re moving in September or November. And you’ll surely welcome those cooler temperatures when it’s time to pack up and move.

Sunny San Diego skyline


You’ll have less competition from college students

San Diego is lucky to be home to many excellent colleges and universities. But all of those college students need somewhere to live when the school year starts. Most will be looking to move during the summer.

That means you’re not only competing with the regular rush of people who choose to move in the summer, but also college kids looking for that perfect apartment.

Ariel Apartments San Diego

Moving in the fall, particularly starting in October when college kids have moved in and started their classes, will mean less pressure to decide on a place. The stack of applications for an apartment will be much lower than in the summer months. This gives you some time to explore your options. Just don’t think too long, especially in a hot rental spot like downtown San Diego.


It’s easier to find the perfect place for you

Summer is a popular time to move, no matter who you are. That doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with the leftovers if you wait until fall. With less competition, you can afford to be a bit choosier come fall when it’s time to find a place that works for you.

Even if you’ve found your ideal apartment complex, moving in the fall may lead to additional perks within that complex, like a larger choice in floor plan options. Combine that with potential cost savings for moving during the low season, and you could be set to move into the apartment of your dreams.

Ariel Apartment views, San Diego


The deals aren’t over after you move in

Moving in the fall also means taking advantage of the upcoming holiday deals to outfit that new apartment with any furniture that you’ll need to make it your own.

Consider sales at local antique and thrift shops, too. San Diego is full of great deals when it comes to unique home goods and furnishings. Everyone’s in holiday mode in the fall, trying to lure customers in with big sales.

Are you ready for your fall move? Schedule a tour with the Ariel Luxury Apartments to take a look at downtown living in the heart of San Diego.