2022 Interior Design Trends to Make Your Space Your Own

If the past few years have taught interior design experts anything, it’s that people want a sense of comfort in their homes that doesn’t always fit one aesthetic. The apartment design ideas of today are then focused on personalized spaces that don’t just look good but feel good.

Let’s look at six interior design trends 2022 will introduce and in some cases continue to make your spaces feel more like home. 

Cozy apartment interior design

Calm & Comfort

As people continue spending more time inside, the idea of calm and comfort in the home will remain a top priority for luxury apartment interior design. That means soft furnishings that you and your guests will want to sink into and a return to more traditional aesthetics that bring that sense of calm to a space. The coming year will be about creating an oasis with the space that you have, with areas to retreat to when some calm is needed.

In terms of color, neutral palettes with warm undertones are in, and loud, brash tones are out. The idea is to create warmth in design and a call back to nature with colors that are relaxing rather than exciting. There’s one hue, though, that will lead the charge. 

Apartment interior design with plants

Go Green

Greens will pop up everywhere in apartment interior design in the coming year. It’s a versatile color that comes in a variety of hues and works in spaces large and small. Choose olive or sage to go with neutral tones elsewhere in your apartment. Pops of emerald or mint work well with tapestries or throw pillows to brighten up a space.

Going green can also mean incorporating more plants into your space. Plants can freshen up a home and add color to a more neutral palette, especially if they flower throughout the year. Bring in potted or hanging plants that welcome the outside in. There are many options in San Diego for plants that will thrive in an apartment space, as you’re likely to have plentiful sun year-round.

Sustainable kitchen interior design

Sustainable Style

Design that embraces not only nature but a concern for sustainability is here to stay. To get on trend with sustainable style, seek out materials that are organic or eco-friendly in your window coverings, throw pillows, and soft furnishings. Seek out local vendors and small businesses that are focused on sustainable products and creating beautiful pieces in an environmentally-friendly way. 

Sustainability is also about recycling — or upcycling — when possible. Consider repurposing old furniture that could use a facelift and avoid shipping delays on new furniture items. San Diego also has plentiful options for antique shops where you can find timeless vintage items to fill your space. Purchase items that will last as long as possible and are functional, as well, meeting your needs for both design and function.

Father and son working from home in a multi-purpose space

Multi-Purpose Rooms

For many apartment dwellers, remote work never went away. For those with children, parents have had to navigate how to both maintain professional spaces and areas for their children to learn while navigating the uncertainty around the return to school. 

More people are downsizing to declutter spaces that can be used in a more functional way. Minimalism will always be in style, whether it’s a product of your interior design strategy or happening out of necessity.

Design trends in 2022 will continue the idea that spaces are meant to be flexible. Use your apartment layout in a way that makes sense for you, even if the dining room isn’t your dining room any longer. Create spaces you enjoy and make room for hobbies and pursuits that bring you joy. Continue investing in pieces that fit your new flexible lifestyle, like modular furniture that fits even smaller spaces.

Tablescape with a pop of color

Think Smaller With Color

A focus on neutral spaces doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. Color will show up in unexpected ways in 2022, including fun stemware. As friends and families start to gather again, at-home entertaining will get a boost from new trends around tablescaping. Tablescaping is how you present your table, from colorful glasses to whimsical plates that can upgrade even a casual event. You can work with a color palette or mix and match. This isn’t the time to worry about missing pieces in your china set. 

Colors will also come from pieces that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else in previous design aesthetics. Have fun with developing your own spaces by hanging that bold piece of art that you love or that collection of miniatures from your favorite grandmother. Any bit of nostalgia will be welcome in the coming year as a way to make spaces feel homier.

Personalized framed photos in apartment design

Personalized Spaces

Consumers will continue making their spaces feel more like home, adding character with personalized touches that offer meaning. This is the time to head out to your storage unit and find those things you kept for a reason. Make your apartment feel more like you with items that are unique to you. 

Showcase your interests and hobbies in fun ways. That can mean showing off your book collection in a purposeful way. If you’ve always wanted a showpiece in your living room, choose art that speaks to your sensibilities, not that you think works with your color palette. You want to feel good in your space, and you want a space that feels like you.

Are you ready to try on some of these apartment interior design ideas in a space of your own? Contact us at Ariel Apartments for a tour of our luxury apartments and get started on all of the possibilities to personalize your space.