7 Things to Do in Little Italy, San Diego

Downtown San Diego offers many fun destinations, neighborhoods, and outings for people of all ages. Little Italy, San Diego, is one of the best neighborhoods to live in and explore when in Downtown San Diego. Whether you want a quaint meal under the stars or a one-of-a-kind experience, Little Italy is the place for you.

Read on to learn more about what there is to do in Little Italy, San Diego.

1. Enjoy the Local Farmer’s Markets


The history of Little Italy is built around Italian tuna fisherman and fresh authentic Italian food. Part of that history has resulted in some of the best farmer’s markets in California. Fresh produce, along with staples from the local community, make Little Italy’s farmer’s market an outing to remember.

Whether you live in Little Italy, San Diego, or are venturing into town to explore, make sure you grab some authentic Italian staples, like tomato sauce and fresh herbs, to try in your own kitchen.

2. Do the Tourist Thing


Little Italy, San Diego, has a famous tourist spot perfect for a photo op. The Little Italy sign that welcomes you to town is a landmark. Tourists and advertisers have used this sign as a backdrop for decades. Its simple white background with blue neon lighting makes the perfect backdrop for a vacation photo montage. 

Make sure to visit the Piazza Della Famiglia. This gorgeous air is a 10,000 square foot piazza in the heart of Little Italy. Whether you sit at the fountain to enjoy a gelati or choose to stare out at the San Diego Bay, you will enjoy the beauty and splendor this piece of Italy offers right in the heart of Little Italy, San Diego


3. Enjoy a Festival or Two


Little Italy is known for its festivals, notably the ArtWalk and the Taste of Italy festivals. 

ArtWalk takes place in the spring months. It began in 1984 as a place to showcase local artists. It has since grown to include over 300 artists showcasing their stunning masterpieces to the public, as well as art buyers. Tourists often plan vacations to coincide with the amazing festival.  

Then in June, take the time to enjoy the Taste of Italy festival. This festival offers tastes from over 30 restaurants using a Taste Passport. It is the perfect opportunity to experience every restaurant in town without breaking the bank or stretching your pants. 

Other festivals include May’s Sicilian Festival and the Little Italy Festa. Whether you live in Downtown San Diego or are visiting, taking in a festival allows you to experience the fun and culture Little Italy has to offer.  


4. Explore Waterfront Park


Little Italy borders the San Diego Bay with Waterfront Park. Enjoy the fantastic Bay views or explore the park and all it offers. The Maritime Museum is a wonderful collection of vessels. It is actually the most extensive collection in the world.  

Pretend you are a pirate on one of the beautiful ships, or learn about some of the maritime military battles and the vessels used in the wars. When finished exploring the sea vessels, wander the harbor and enjoy a meal on the waterfront. 



5. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry


Little Italy has several craft breweries, each with unique flavors. In addition to amazing craft beers available, Little Italy has some of the best food anywhere in San Diego, and it is not all Italian or Italian inspired. Whether you love ramen, pastries, coffee, ice cream, or Italian food, you will find exceptional restaurants with the most beautiful settings and the best food; you will forget you are not in Italy.


6. Check Out the Firefighter’s Museum


If you are looking for something fun for all ages, check out the Firefighter’s Museum. Since 1962, the Firefighter’s Museum has entertained families who want to know more about the heroes known as firefighters. The museum is stocked with over 100 years of historical memorabilia. The museum is in the former Station 6 firehouse in San Diego and houses the first La Jolla engine and a horse-drawn steamer, as well as other amazing artifacts. The museum is also an excellent location for a wedding or other party.


7. Visit Our Lady Rosary Church


Built by Italian immigrant fishermen in 1925, Our Lady Rosary Church is the “Jewel of Little Italy.” This small church houses some of the most beautiful murals and stained glass ever seen. The mark of the fishermen can be seen in the architecture and outdoor statues framing the church. Whether you want to take in a service or marvel at its beauty, it is a must-see for anyone venturing into Little Italy.

If you are looking to make Downtown San Diego your home, you will be minutes from Little Italy and all its excitement. 

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