Modern Decor Ideas for your San Diego Apartment

You don’t need the help of an interior designer to make a space look its best. If you’re interested in modern decor ideas, it’s even easier to embrace the best interior design trends that fit within that aesthetic.

Modern interior design style is all about fresh spaces, simplicity and keeping a minimalist eye on each room. The contemporary decor aesthetic can also make spaces feel larger, a bonus if you’re working with a smaller apartment. Explore some of the best modern decor ideas room by room to make your apartment look chicer in an intentional way.


Modern Living Room Ideas

Your living room is likely a focal point of your apartment. It’s where guests will gather and spend the most time in, on top of your own personal entertaining space when you’re not having anyone over. Modern living room ideas are then about making the area look more inviting, with seating and decor that’s beautiful but functional over anything else.

Modern interior design doesn’t always mean neutrals. It’s about being thoughtful with color and not overwhelming the senses with too many contrasting tones and shades. Choose a color palette or complementary color scheme that works for you, but feel free to incorporate pops of color throughout.

In a minimalist living room, that can mean colorful throw pillows or a funky work of wall art. It can be a bold rug or vibrant potted plants that go with the room’s theme. Keep things simple, but have fun doing so.

If you’d like a statement piece of furniture in your modern living room, don’t forget about comfort. You’re using every inch of space in a smart way, so any seating should still work as intended: comfortable seating. The modern apartment decor of today is still about clean lines but functional minimalism, as well.

Modern living room decor


Modern Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the space in your San Diego apartment that you’ll retreat to and a place for relaxation and calm after a long day. Modern apartment design ideas in your bedroom are then all about comfort.

Choose colors that are calming to the senses rather than eye-catching. If you’re hanging art, choose pieces that blend in with the surroundings. Keep textures and bedding neutral in the main space you sleep in to keep your room airy and perfect for rest.

Incorporate layered lighting that meets your needs throughout the day. You may not want as much light as night falls, for example, so a more subdued option is more appropriate.

Dimmer light fixtures or lamps with varied strengths can suit your purposes for layered lighting, or choose low-powered lamps around your sleep space to use as you approach your bedtime. Layered lighting is all about balance, a key component of modern design.

Airy, modern bedroom in an apartment


Modern Ideas for a Second Bedroom

If you have a larger apartment with two bedrooms, you have two options to keep within the modern design aesthetic. Stick with the themes you chose for your main space, or get a bit more playful with a unique color scheme in the second bedroom. You’ll want to stick with soft, layered lighting if you’re using it as a guest bedroom over an office.

Office spaces in that second bedroom have much more flexibility. If you’re working from home in a second bedroom, consider decor that blends in rather than distracts. Less is more in a modern office space.

Find ways to keep the space clutter-free and focus on clean lines. Think about clever storage ideas beyond the traditional desk and chair, especially if your office space will double as a guest bedroom. An office can be both functional and sleek.

Modern home office area


Modern Apartment Decor in the Kitchen

The size of your kitchen area matters less than what you do with it. Modern decor ideas in the kitchen are focused on keeping the space clutter-free so that you have room to work, even entertain if guests are over.

Today’s modern kitchens are less about fitting in within what is considered mid-century modern, a long-held standard of contemporary design, and more about keeping things airy and bright. The lighting, for example, should show off the space’s sleek finishes. If you’re living in luxury apartments in San Diego, you can assume that you’ll be working with modern appliances and fixtures already. You’ll just be in charge of the decor.

Consider pops of color throughout. That color can come from your kitchen tools and appliances. We’re sure you’ve seen stand mixers, toasters, even spoon rests come in vibrant colors and fun patterns. It can also come from textiles like kitchen towels or oven mitts and artwork that keep things within your chosen color scheme.
modern kitchen design


Create a Space You Love

Modern apartment design is less about adhering to a particular aesthetic and more about working with the space you have.

It’s a less-is-more approach to design to keep apartments looking fresh, chic and free of too much that would distract from the elegance of a space. The creativity comes in with personal touches that add pops of color or personality to rooms that balance functionality and style.

Embracing tips of modern design is easier when you’re already starting out with a beautiful space. If you’re ready to create your own chic modern space in San Diego’s best luxury apartments, take a tour of the Ariel Apartments. Contact us today to see the best of Little Italy living.